Administrative Team

Karen Kaplan BS/MS
Executive Director, Admissions Director

Karen Kaplan has over 35 years of experience in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental learning challenges. She possesses a credential in speech and hearing, special education, as well as an administrative credential. Her roles as Head of School and Executive Director of schools for students with special needs have given her a wide base of knowledge and experience. Karen works as a private consultant with family resource centers, parents, public and private schools, colleges and universities that support the needs of Autism Spectrum Disorders and similar learning differences. She was the founder of the Autism Lecture Series and The Autism Resource & Exposition in Northern California and currently facilitates a yearly one-day seminar on autism. She participated on the San Francisco/Marin Autism Taskforce. She was on the Marin Autism Collaborative Steering Committee and chaired the Educational Sub-committee. She travels globally through Offerings non-profit to expand knowledge and supports in understanding autism.

Laxmi Ghale
Education Coordinator

Laxmi has over fifteen years of experience working with students with autism and their families. She has a Bachelor’s of Art in business and early childhood education. She has been involved in the training of faculty, the coordination and collaboration with school districts for each student’s yearly individual education planning meetings. She collaborates on admissions, the recruitment and hiring of Wings education and therapeutic team.

Bethany Rios
Business Coordinator

Bethany Rios has over ten years of experience in implementing business related and human resources functions at Wings.  She joined Wings as an instructional assistant spending time in the classroom supporting students and then joined the administrative team, moving on to support the human resource needs and non-profit business practices.  

Jose Garrido
Operations Coordinator

Jose started working with Wings as an instructional assistant, supporting students within the classroom environment. As the operations coordinator, Jose ensures that the Wings environment supports the safety and positive learning for all students as well as provide a supportive environment for faculty and staff to work in and obtain successful outcomes. 

Emily Carambat
Family Liaison

Emily has eight plus years of experience working with students with autism and their families. She has a B.S. in Special Education and Rehabilitation with an emphasis in Deaf Studies from the University of Arizona. This has given Emily a strong foundation for understanding the needs of students and their families. Emily develops individual plans for each family supporting their needs and concerns and creating a positive bridge between home and school.

Tin Callister, M.S.
Development Coordinator

Tin has a M.S. in Special Education.  After four years working as a lead teacher at Wings, she moved into the Development Coordinator position. Her additional degree in Broadcasting, Film, Communications and more than fifteen years of event planning lays a strong foundation for the development position at Wings.

Wings Learning Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with ASD throughout their lifespan