The Admission Process


WINGS is certified with the California State Department of Education as a licensed Non-Public school.  This certification allows us to be an extension of the public school system so that districts may contract with us to provide education and therapeutic services. We also hold a private school affidavit which allows us to also take private placements.

Parents and school systems are encouraged to visit our program and to make student referrals. When a school district makes the referral an educational packet is sent which includes but is not limited to:  the student’s current IEP/ITP, current evaluations, behavior support plans and progress reports.  Parents are asked to tour the program and meet with the Program Director to understand methodologies, practices, interventions and systems that lay the foundation of the school.

Our school team will also visit the student’s current educational placement, if one exists, and the student will then be asked to make at least one visit to our center in order for the school team to make a second observation within the structure of our program.

A similar process occurs when the parents are interested in making a private placement.

If WINGS agrees that the student is a good fit, then contracts and individual service agreements are developed and signed by all parties. Students may start on a half day schedule at first if needed.  During the first forty-five to sixty days, the WINGS team makes formal and informal assessments. 

Parents meet with the team during this transition time to understand findings and recommendations. An IEP/ITP is then scheduled to finalize goals, objectives and to identify supports and accommodations with the family and or school district.

Wings Learning Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with ASD throughout their lifespan