Community Outreach

WINGS strives to be more than just a school.

It is our mission to be a constant resource to families and professionals.

WINGS provides opportunities for University students in their teacher credentialing programs or Occupational and Speech and Language Therapy Internship programs to work with our credentialed and licensed team.

Our school also works in partnership with local adult vocational programs in order to provide students with the opportunity to prepare for adult options. This partnership provides the receiving adult program an opportunity to observe and learn from our trained team of professionals.

Finally, the school offers universities and medical centers an opportunity to complete research projects on our site with collaboration from our families.

A Different Kind of Community Outreach……  Our Students Volunteer

WINGS believes in preparing its students to move through their community with ease. We believe that our students need to be prepared to live, work and be involved in their own community, so our teachers reach out to community businesses, services and agencies to develop volunteer sites where students can practice socializing, building independence and developing positive work skills.

Our students are volunteering at the San Mateo County History Museum. They have been volunteering there for five plus years. They are connecting socially with others, preparing materials for guests’ art projects and helping the Museum with general housekeeping and organizational projects.

Our Secondary students have also volunteered at the Savers, where our students are learning how to stock, sort, hang and organize clothing. This site also provides positive social experiences and life skill lessons for our students.

Wings Learning Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with ASD throughout their lifespan